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Post  horseracer101 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:27 pm

Okay I decided to make this, for people.
So they don't go off asking questions and whatnot that
had already been answered.

Color code-
Blue= Question
Orange= Answer

Facts Questions and Answers-

1. Wolf Generations is just like Wolfquest!- Wolf Generations is nothing like wolfquest,
wolfquest is more of a realistic game, unlike wolfquest, Wolf Generations is something
more, just, multiplayer and you hang out with friends and other stuff.

2.What would Wolf Generations have? For now, we are not exactly sure yet.
But for the administers and the moderators, there will be items, such as: aura, (more items will be listed when I get told).

3.Will there be animals to hunt? See? As far as we know, there would be at lest bears, deer. We probably will be able to hunt for them. We are not 100% sure.

4.When would Wolf Generations come out? For now, what we are trying to do is get
game servrs (which cause a lot of money), and trying to get the money for them. As a estimated guess, it would probably come out by next year in July. But we're not sure.

5.Is there going to be a difference between the male and female wolf? Well, we aren't sure right now, as you see in this topic: Link there is a more stronger built wolf, and there is more of a small kind of wolf, now does that mean that the stronger heavy built wolf is the male? Well, to be honest, we are not sure.
But to my guess, it could be.

6. Would we be able to be different animals then wolves? For your information this game is called Wolf Generations, so no. Unless something happends.

7. When would the Game Sneak Peeks topic be updated? Once we get more information, and more models.

8. Who are the people in the weird colored names? Are the important or something?
Well, for the most part, yes.
Below are the colors of the groups and what they could do.

Baby blue- Administers- They are able to change the website, lock, stick, announce, unstick, unlock, ect. topics. They are considered as the 'alphas' of the whole game, a way to identify them in the game is that they will have a aurora.
Green- Moderators- The 'betas' of the website, these people are the ones who moderate the whole forum. They can lock topics and do all that type of stuff.
Orange- Member of the Month- This is a special type of person who was kind and was given MOTM, they can't do anything, they just get a colored name and maybe a avatar.

9. Would regular members get items? Maybe, I'm not fully sure.

10. I've been banned! What should I do?! Well, your actoins caused you this, usually, a ban means that you have not followed the rules.

11. Would we be able to make up our own markings? Yes, once the game is up and running we probably will be able to.

12. Would there be markings ALREADY made for us? Yes.

Thank you for reading!
I'll update more once I can find out more information!


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Post  Rose on Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:56 pm

Thanks for the info, that answered a lot of my questions.

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