Lexi's Biography :D

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Lexi's Biography :D

Post  Star on Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:06 pm

Name: Alexandra *Alex* *Lexi*
Pronunciation: (ah-lex-san-dra)
Gender: Female
Species: Timber Wolf
Age: 1 1/2
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 40 pounds
Preference: Male
Significant Other: Lunas
Family: Her mother, Star, father, Shadow.
Birthday: July 29
Personality: Alex is street smart,laid back, and care-less. Taking on these personality traits from her mother, even though she doesnt believe it since her mother has changed. Although Alex is known for her mischevious acts, she can be kind and knows exactly how to console someone when they'e down. Although she doesnt amit it, she doesnt like to see people sad. Alex is very out-going and very crazy, she loves to explore and loves to do things her way. her mother does not like her mischevious acts but no matter what they do, Alex will be Alex.


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