Pixel guide - how to do everything!

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Pixel guide - how to do everything!

Post  Packa Packa on Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:27 pm

I made this pixel guide.

STEP ONE: Colors.
First, choose the color you wish to be the basic one. (The fur color, etc.) Now, if you have that little circle where you can change the color, make it just a little darker. Now make the outlines of the image with it. After that, go back to your original basic color and fill it in.


STEP TWO: Lighting and shading
Optional. First, find out what direction you want the light going. If you want it coming from the bottom or the top, take note of that. Now, use the color circle to get the basic color. Use the circle to get a color that is a little bit lighter than that. Then, make a little circle or make a small line right at the edge of the part near where the light goes. If you zoom out(since you probably zoomed in to do all the small pixels) it looks like there is light on it. Now take the basic color and with the color circle, get a color a little darker than it. Try to make it darker than the outlining color. Now, make a small color fill in near the opposite side of where the light is showing. Make a small section of it that color. Now, for more shading, take a color a little darker than that. Then make a smaller pool thing underneath that with the darker color. Zoom out and it looks nicer!!!


Same with the background, good luck!
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