About the game -RULES-

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About the game -RULES-

Post  horseracer101 on Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:01 am

Okay I thought I should post this up..

Whats allowed-

-Asking questions
-Asking what is the game about

Whats not allowed-

-Saying stuff such as: You guys can't creat a game like this!
-Saying, "Its impossible, your just going to waist your time!"
-Saying horrible things about us.
-Being rude
-Posting spam topic, such as, "When is WG comming out!?!!?!?!"

Please follow these rules, if not, your topic WILL be locked.
I'm locking this, and I hope that a admin will sticky this for me.

And if a mod/admin wants to post up more rules on this toipc, please do so.


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