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Forum Rules

Post  WG Administrator on Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:36 pm

Welcome to WG community Forums.

What is allowed:
- Posting appropriate comments/questions, in the correct froums
- Posting new topics in the forums with an appropriate way.
- Reporting inappropriate posts, games, or messages
- Roleplaying in the multiplayer games if it is appropriate.
- Editing or deleting your own posts.

What is not allowed:
- Posts that have disrespectful language, abusive behavior, porn material
- References to religion, politics, sex, violence, or other inappropriate or illegal behavior
- Plagiarism/art theft ( Art that was not made by you and posted without the authors permission.
- Spam - pointless, annoying, and stupid topics that have no meaning.
- Acting like moderators when you are not.
- Topics made for attention/pity or complaining about why your topic has been locked/trashed
- Posting links or images of yourself, unless you are 18 and older.
- Going around a warning or ban by creating a new account
- Spaming your post with "?!?!?!?????????!?!?!??!?!?!?"

Fallow these rules, we know you will not get in trouble.

Kind Regards,
~Cerbolt AKA Britt
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Re: Forum Rules

Post  Kalyka on Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:23 pm

Definition Of Spam

Spam is pointless posts that are not related to the topic or just don't make sense at all.

All of the below are considered spam

Spammer wrote: Mad Mad Shocked Wink :?: Cool Sad Sad Smile Very Happy Very Happy Surprised Shocked Shocked Cool Razz

Spammer wrote:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????

Spammer wrote:Hi

Spammer wrote:How are you?

If you don't understand the quotes I've listed what each means in the same order they are in as quotes

- Posts with just/exccesive smiley faces

- Posts with just/exccesive exclamation or questions marks

- Posts that just say "Hi"

- Posts that just say "How are you?"

- Posts with less than three words


All of those are considered spam, stay away from the things above and you will be fine.
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