♀ Juicebox JoJo Characters ♥ [WIP]

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♀ Juicebox JoJo Characters ♥ [WIP]

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J u i c e b o x

[Tempory Image]

REAL NAME: Jolie / Juicebox
PRONUNCIATION: Jo-lie / Juice-box
NICK NAME: Juicebox

SPECIES: Wolf x ?
AGE: 275
BIRTHDATE: 31/October/1734

PACK: None
RANK: None
CURRENT LOCATION: New York's Central Park


HEIGHT: 100cm
WEIGHT: 80kg
LENGTH: 240cm

MAIN BODY COLOR: Black x White



HABITS: Sharing human qualities & emotion
FEARS: Lonely-ness
LIKES: Cities, night life, bright colors, foreplay, relaxation, lust, food, admiring beauty, enjoying views.
DISLIKES: Boredom, lonely-ness, boring people, prudes.
VALUES: Friends and lovers
SEXUALITY: Homosexual


MATE: None
MOTHER #1: Jolie [Demon]
MOTHER #2: Jen [Mortal]
HISTORY: Juicebox was born with 2 mothers and 1 sibling, her demon mother fell in love with a female mortal. Watching and gazing the demon's lust and want grew and grew. Until the demon eyes were blinded with love, she fell from the heavens and took shape of a wolf. She searched the land with mournful cries and serenades to her lover. Because of the tears the wolf demons eyes were stained to turn a deep blue ... like the sky she fell from. One day the moans, cries, songs, and tears payed off. A mortal came across a beautiful wolf with unique marking covering its pelt. Its tail reminded the mortal of a rainbow after the land was cleaned of impurity; it looked like its eyes were carved out of the sky itself. The creature seemed to be lacking movement, with pity and respect for the unique creature. The mortal bent down and scooped the wolf into her arm gently but timidly carrying it to the local village. Eyes all locked onto the creature, dogs tailed were submissive, cats hid on roof tops but most of all, and the creatures seemed to have put themselves in a submissive yet respectful position as soon as the canines scent was buried into the wind. The village was covered in a blanket of silence ... not even the tinkers were heard trying to sell their good. Curiosity, fear was the easiest to read of the villagers body language, even there facial postures looked like they could form a question mark /exclamation mark.

The creature was laid on a Persian weaved rug, in front of a old wood and coal fireplace. The smell of food soon made its entrance into the creature nasal passage. Taking a minute to take up its new surroundings the demon lay watching the fire place in the fireplace, it look like the inside of a cottage. A welcoming one at that. Its furniture looked mostly cottage'ie you could say. Warm. Welcoming. Comforting was all the canine was thinking right about now. Until a brilliant figured mortal entered the room. Both shocked. Demon because of the beauty in front of her. Mortal because the creature was awake and staring at her with them deep sky blue eyes of its owner. The slender figure developed a timid smile before speaking,

'H-hey ...' pausing to turn her head slightly to see the creatures gender, the demon seemed to have copied the same action but. With what it looked like. Its right eyebrow raised up, '... girl, I cooked ya something to eat ...' pausing yet again the mortal placed a full fillet beef in front of the creature, The female human. Telling by her curvy figure and elegant voice but really everything about the woman was fenimen. Excited the room to enter what seemed to be the mortal’s cooking area. Around 10 minutes later the female human cleared her cooking area and once again joined the company of her unique guest, stepping in the room she noticed the creature must have made its exit. The food she had given it was completely gone ... considering the plate was missing to, hearing some disturbance coming from upstairs. She made her way up cautiously sticking her head through the landings bars, nothing was there. Except. The scent of the guest, curious she moved to her bedroom. Nothing was there again. Just darkness and a open window. It took her around 30 seconds to register that her once closed window was open. Moving over to the window she elegantly began to climb onto her roof, luckily the cottage roof was made of straw and wood, it provided her with a better grip. Then. Spotting her chimney with black smoke coming out of its stomach she noticed a fleshy figure. Eyes widened to the furthest extent she began to feel herself preparing to faint. She could see the fleshy figure had the same remarkably blue eyes as her canine guest and ... to the mortals amazement the same tail. The now ... human? Guest was showing off with a seductive smile across its face. The mortal began to blush but before she could say anything the 'guest' laying its back on the chimneys many faces patted her hand to the side inviting the slender girl over to sit by her.

10 years later the relationship grew and grew but on 31 of October 1734, 275 years before today’s present. The mortal which the demon fell in love with gave birth to 2 girls, one carried a feline/fox look with some of the markings of its demon mother. She was named JoJo. The other was unique ... very unique, it looked just like the demon's canine form just ... the mouth looked like it drank the sky and stained it, its own head had a mask like pattern, its veins were showing a lime green substance which was cruising through its veins, its coat reminded viewer of the ying & yang symbol because of the oddly partnered pelt of the child. Her name was Jolie after her demon mother. No one had expected the birth ... come on to females having a child is a huge miracle but then again so it a demon falling in love with a mortal, no one really ever questions it. People said it was witch craft but those who said it in the mothers’ presence would surely be tutored a lesson.


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